Volunteering with 8CCC can be a fantastic way to contribute to the community, working with a diverse team to tell the stories of Central Australia and the Barkly.

8CCC’s mission is:

“To involve and service the Alice Springs and Tennant Creek communities with services, programming and content that is not readily available in the commercial broadcasting arena”

We couldn’t achieve this without the contribution of volunteers across our organisation in Leadership & Governance, Content Creation and Operations.

There are 3 Simple Steps to becoming an 8CCC General Volunteer:

1. Membership is the first step to getting involved at 8CCC- Sign up here

2. Complete a Volunteering Expression Of Interest/ Skills form

3. Attend 8CCC101 -8CCC holds 8CCC101 Inductions on the first Saturday of the Month 12-1pm at our Alice Springs Studio 3/10 Lindsay Ave East Side NT

We call on General Volunteers to assist with Events, Fundraisers, Station projects and other opportunities.


You can then complete additional training to take on a Volunteer Role at the station:

8CCC Presenter

8CCC Technician

8CCC Producer


In the future 8CCC will be recruiting for leadership positions such as:

Music Coordinator

Outside Broadcast Coordinator

News Coordinator

Digital Content Coordinator

Technical Coordiantor


All 8CCC Members are entitled to participate and vote at our AGM and can apply to go on our Board of Management to support Station Governance.

Our President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Ordinary Board Members provide organisational leadership and oversight working with 8CCC Staff and Volunteers to achieve our Mission through the 8CCC Strategic Plan.


To find out more Get In Touch or drop by the studio to talk to our Station Manager.


8CCC is a member of  Volunteering NT

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