8CCC101 – Introduction and site induction

8CCC101 is an introduction to community radio and a site induction to 8CCC in either Alice Springs or Tennant Creek.

8CCC101 covers:

  • Short 8CCC history.
  • Site access (entering and exiting our studios).
  • Powering everything up (e.g. lights, computers etc) and shutting down.
  • How to access various 8CCC resources.
    • Accessing 8CCC CD library. Accessing 8CCC Digital Music Library.
    • Accessing/Borrowing equipment.
    • Using 8CCC Presenter WiFi.
    • Using 8CCC Computers.
  • Basic responsibilities of 8CCC presenters.
    • Rules regarding sponsorship announcements.
    • Rules regarding commercial content/copyright.
  • How to file CDs in the 8CCC Library.
  • Office space & kitchen etiquette.
  • Recording Show IDs, promos, interviews etc. In short, 8CCC suggests working with:
    • using a Zoom recorde (Recommended).
    • Android Voice Recorder App (with windsock).
    • iPhone Recorder (with windsock).
  • See 8CCC102 for more detail on 8CCC Audio Production standards.)
  • Studio 2 basic overview (see 8CCC202 for more detail on using Studio 2.)
  • Who to call in case of problems/troubleshooting.
  • How to raise an item on the agenda of 8CCC Board meetings.

To take the 8CCC101 Test, click here.

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