8CCC Training

8CCC Training is a great way to learn new skills, meet great people – and have fun! It is also the first step on the road to becoming an 8CCC Presenter.

8CCC Training usually cost around $200 per person, but we run occasional group training sessions for FREE. Please fill out the form below so we can notify you about the next free training dates.

These FREE group training sessions require:

These free training sessions:

  • run as a group of between 7 to 12 people
  • usually run early in the year (i.e. February or March) or by demand. I.e. if the waiting queue reaches 7 people.
  • are usually 8CCC101, 8CCC102 and 8CCC103. Other training may be run for free – depending on demand.
  • run as a group of between 7 to 12 people

PLEASE READ: We have limited flexibility regarding the timing of our free training. The date and times set by the trainer are based on the best suitable day available after taking everyone’s needs into consideration. Please understand the date/time set will probably not suit everyone.

8CCC Training EOI / Waiting List

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