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Celebrating local music – and great music from diverse genres.

First, a little bit about 8CCC Community Radio

8CCC Community Radio Inc (102.1fm in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek) is Central Australia’s oldest community-run broadcaster and the first FM station in the Territory.

When we are not broadcasting unique live content from our local studios, we play one third local music (i.e. Central Australian/Barkly Region) , one third Australian music and one third “International” music – all from a diverse range of genres.

8CCC is also a member of the Community Broadcasters Association of Australia (CBAA) and acts as the region’s re-broadcaster for some of Australia’s best radio programming via the Community Radio Network (CRN).

With its diverse content and a dedicated following, 8CCC is a community institution worth supporting!

Be a part of it and get in touch with us about an 8CCC Sponsorship Package today!

Research about Community Radio listeners

NT Community Radio

Northern Territory has the most listeners per head of population (43%) and also listen the longest, with 8.5 hours per week.

According to McNair Ingenuity’s National Listener Survey, 43% of Territorians listen to Community Radio – and they also listen the longest, with 8.5 hours per week.

The McNair Ingenuity survey results also show that people are choosing to tune into their local community radio station for:

  • localised content,
  • specialist programs and
  • local/Australian music that is on offer.

Specifically, listeners say that they listen because they like to hear specialist music programs (61%), they value the provision of local information/local news (53%), they hear local voices/local personalities (45%), and because they hear Australian music and appreciate that community radio stations support local artists (48%).

McNair Ingenuity Community Radio National Listener Survey 2010

McNair Ingenuity Community Radio National Listener Survey 2010

54% tune in during the afternoon (mostly for local news), then breakfast (45%), mid-morning (42%) and evening (32%) when music is the main attraction. 27% of part-time employed people and 27% of people whose annual gross income is over $60,000 listen during a typical week. 29% regularly speak a language other than English at home. 53% are men and 47% are women. 18% are aged 15-24, 25% aged 25-39, 28% aged 40-54 and 29% are aged 55 or over. 45% do full-time work and 20% part-time work.

The survey was by McNair Ingenuity Research, sampling 5000 people across all states and territories between May and June.

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