Why Volunteer?

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8CCC Radio

With support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation and Volunteering NT 8CCC produced an audio series to showcase the stories of volunteering in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

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Why Volunteer? – It’s the question all volunteers get asked- and the answers are rich and varied, providing insight into what makes our communities tick.

We wanted to know what you do, why you do it and how people can get involved. As a volunteer organisation 8CCC thrives on the support and contribution from all sorts of people- and we wanted to support other volunteer involving organisations in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek by sharing their stories.

Why Volunteer was launched on December 5th, 2018- International Volunteer Day!

8CCC’s Benjamin Erin with Volunteering NT’s Hannah Maljlov launching Why Volunteer at Alice Springs Town Council for International Volunteer Day 2018


Did you miss out on Why Volunteer, but have a story to tell? We would still love to hear from you.

Be it your local sporting club, a youth service, art project or maybe even your local community radio station? We want to know how you contribute!

We’d love to talk to volunteer’s, organisations/volunteer managers and community members who benefit from volunteering to shine a light on your project. We also offer access to free airtime for Community Service Announcements that support Not For Profit activities that are in the good interest of our region.

We want to hear from you!

Email: [email protected]



Theme music by Alice Springs based artist Cooper Black. Click above to hear more!


This project is supported by funding from the Community Broadcasting Foundation

Delivered in partnership with Volunteering NT


The Why Volunteer Callout from National Volunteer’s Week 2018:

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