The Lovebug

Hosted by:

Freddy Johnston

‘Aaahh”. Its the sound you make when you’re completely satisfied. Sometimes, its consciously made, other times it just floats out.

There are many things in life that may do this – flowers, dugong pups, newborn babies. Add to that list a guaranteed ‘aaahh maker’ – love songs. No matter how dark your heart’s perceived to be, love songs released a myriad of emotions; bliss, sadness, anger, heartache, elation, jealousy, lust. The whole works.

The Love Bug tries to pinch you, poke you, prod you in many different ways. Its a journey through the ages, a journey through the genres, with only one thing being certain – your heartstrings will be pulled and the sound ‘aahhh’ will escape your mouth. Guaranteed.

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