The Fine Line

Connecting craftspeople across the Centre

8CCC’s local craft program, The Fine Line, will brings to you the inspiring crafts and remarkable lives of craftspeople from Central Australia and the Barkly.

The Fine Line keeps you up-to-date with regional and national craft news, events, workshops and other opportunities for learning new crafts, building skills and connecting with other like-minded people.

Tune in: 12 noon – 1.00pm Tuesdays.

Presenters: Jen Standish-White and Central Craft volunteers
Please contact the team here – we write a post for each program and we’d love to hear from you.

Production Team:

Jen Standish-White, fashion, costume and sustainable couture designer, arts administration and management, based in Central Australia.

Diana Rankine, creative crafter and potter, based in Central Australia.

Marg Johnson, creative crafter and researcher, based in Central Australia

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