The Aftershock

Hosted by:

Terry Kolstad

I started this program around 2004. I used to play music from the 1950s and 1960s on records and tape cassettes. Since then The Aftershock has grown into a request show. I mainly play 50s and 60s music – now on CD or digitised – and for the second half of the program anything goes (well, almost!) The phone runs hot with requests, call outs and people calling in for a chat from friday night parties.

Call me during the program on 08 8952 7771 or contact me here or on my Aftershock Facebook page. I’m very happy to take requests, call outs for birthdays and so on.

In case you are wondering about the name The Aftershock, it wasn’t my choice, it was named for me by Big Al Stainer. I played an ACDC track for him, and he cranked up the volume in his lounge room. Pretty loud, in fact so loud that the cornicing fell down. That was his aftershock ….

So kick back and enjoy

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