Route 66

Hosted by:

Mike Wolke

A music mix of various styles set to a theme, including 1930′s jazz/blues/country, bluegrass, alternative rock, blues, gospel, soundtracks, etc.

Route 66 explores the vast origins of hip music. The show is a celebration of the history of American music. It’s like splashes of musical color, and I’ll play everything from rural blues to a ’60s soul song to a country song. I see just this wonderful, rich, colorful tapestry of music that’s been woven” by American music. Music from around the world that influence the current state of American music and vice versa will also be heard.


    • Yes, Jennifer, that’s your time. I’ll soon be able to post podcasts of certain shows that can be streamed for 2 weeks once posted. I should be able to do that soon, perhaps before month’s end. Love ya, Mike Wolke

  1. Domenico Pecorari on

    Great show today, Mike, on the Stones 1963-65. Some great favourites but also a few tracks new to me. You mentioned that “Fortune Teller” was withdrawn from sale soon after its release as their second single. That may have been in the US, as I have an Australian pressing released, I believe, in 1966. Mine is a “promo” with its “Sample Record – Not For Sale” sticker, and tagged as being the property of Radio 5SE, (Mt Gambier, South Australia). It sounds wonderful! Will play it next time you are round my place. Take care.

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