Nothin but the Blues

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Take a ride on the blues train with The Colonel – stopping at all stations in time and space over the 80 year recorded history of this fabulous music which continues to reinvent itself.

4ZZZ’s Nothin But the Blues show is broadcast on community radio all around Australia!

Blues continues to be an underground taste, despite its historical pre-eminence as a grassroots source of much contemporary music. Championing current and past practitioners of the blues is The Colonel’s ongoing quest!

NBTB supports local and interstate Oz blues artists, while reminding listeners of the long and illustrious history of the music in its US birthplace.

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    Mark Easton here, I have a new CD coming out soon and I want to get a copy to you, also are you interested in a radio tag for your show promoting the forthcoming CD?
    Let me know

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