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Tune into 8CCC’s local music program as we play great music by artists with a “Local Connection” to Central Australia or the Barkly Region. It’s a 1hr focus on local music and the great history of inspiration that is drawn from the heart of Australia.

Local Connections sometimes interchanges with “live session” shows. Follow our news page for advisories on who is in the 8CCC studio next!

Are you a local artist or an artist with a strong connection to this unique part of the world? Send your music in to 8CCC and tick the “Include on Local Connections” checkbox.



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    loving the show – i just heard a song and part of the lyrics went “walking Bondi with my golden goose”
    i just wondered who it was?

  5. Avatar

    Great show.

    Sadly the presenters name is not on this page but I think the gentleman deserves a commendation.
    Very professionally presented, he handles himself very well on the mic.

    Well done.

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    Hey all my listeners thanks for tuning into local connections on Thursday afternoons thanks for all your support through 2019 and thanks for all your comments keep them coming cheers Andrew harrison

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