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”Get Out Those Old Records” is a weekly radio programme heard on Community Radio 8CCC-FM in the Alice Springs and Tennant Creek footprint.

The programme is in its 31st year of production and transmission. It focuses on music of a bygone era….. an era before television, before rock ‘n’ roll, before computers…….. an era when Radio and 78rpm records were the rule of the day.

Originally called “Golden Sounds” at its inception in 1981, it has undergone several timeslot changes from Saturdays to Wednesdays, and name changes to “78RPMs” in 1985, and “Lost In The 50s” in 1997, before settling on the current format in 2000.

Get Out Those Old Records can currently be heard every Sunday afternoon between 2pm and 5pm. You will hear everything from Al Jolson to Yul Brynner…. Acker Bilk to Xavier Cugat…. plus regular radio shows from the 30s to the 50s, featured records of the week, and the very popular ”Dead Or Alive” segment where birthdays and days of passing of hundreds of performers are recognised.

And REQUESTS !! Yes I do love the requests. These are so important to the show, since they provide a means of programming what the listener wants to hear, not just what the programmer chooses.


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    Thanks for this today! I needed to sing and dance in the kitchen like I did as a little girl – listening to Kitty Kallen and Duke Ellington in the 1970’s (Dad would be 95 if he was still around now). Can we do some Andrew Sisters please?

  2. Rufl

    Hello Jacqui ! 🌺

    Wonderful to hear from you, thankyou for sharing your thoughts about my programme.

    Being over here in Queensland nowadays puts a definite gap between me and the listeners, and hearing from someone whose day I have improved in some small way, is just delightful.

    Sorry it has taken so long to reply, but if you listen to ‘Old Records’ on Sunday the 31st June, I will most happily comply with your request for the Andrews Sisters.

    Kindest regards

  3. Avatar

    I was wandering if you could help me find a song you played last sunday 15/7/18. It would have been at around 2.40pm and was by a lady singing about “love is everywhere/in the air” “the sound of the hills” or some other similar lyrics? Sorry to be so vague. Afterwards you mentioned the singer and the year (perhaps the 1940s?) I meant to make a note of it but got side-tracked.

    • Russell van Hooff

      Hello Michael

      Thanks for listening to my programme.

      The song you are looking for would be Frances Langford’s ‘A Melody From The Sky’ whiich starts “Love is everywhere, it’s melody fills the sky”.

      Kindest regards

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