Foundations/ Tiki Lounge Remix

Hosted by:

Mogahid and Ilse


Exploring cultural foundations behind Music of the world, including instruments, dance, socio-political environment, cultural customs, dress, and food.

Join Hosts Ilse and Moga Sunday Evenings on 8CCC


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    Gaëtan BOULIC on

    I’m just discovering your broadcast, and find it great.
    I’m living in Britanny (a little part of France) with its own culture and language.
    I’m planning a journey in Aostralia next July and I use to listen to the radios of the country where I ‘ll travel a few months before, that’s how I found your radio and actually your broadcast and I can tell you that you ‘ve won a new listener !
    It would be great to get the playlist of the broadcast.

    Have a good day !

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