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Local history in a global context

Centralian Yarns shares Central Australia’s hidden histories, the forgotten histories, the histories which exist in people’s conversations, some very recent histories. These stories are our stories, they may emerge from a song, a poem, an object, a fragile memory … from the little known to the iconic, Central Australia has much to share with ourselves and with others.

These stories may be geographically specific but you will find connections to your own lives and experience, and we hope they will also fill some gaps in knowledge locally, in the NT and beyond.

More details about presenters

Megg Kelham, professional historian, educator and broadcaster, based in Central Australia.

Joy Taylor, professional writer, trainer and broadcaster, based in Central Australia.

Helen Womack, professional journalist, based in Central Australia and Moscow, Russia.


We are proud to announce that a selection of 20 episodes of Centralian Yarns is being broadcast across Australia through the Community Radio Network, starting Friday 2 August at 1.30pm EST.  Please contact your local community radio station to find out the local broadcast time.


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