World War I Stories- Armistice Centenary

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November 11 2018 marked the Armistice Centenary- 100 years since the end of World War One

 A new APP- World War One Stories- was launched, at Sunset, atop Anzac Hill on the Armistice Centenary. 

World War One Stories shares the lived experience of those who served and their family members, drawing on archival audio. Local narrators introduce the stories for broadcast on 8CCC 102.1fm, and the APP contains a list of Centralians who served.

Download the World War One Stories App:

WW1 Stories- Samuel Browning, introduction by Patricia Ansell Dodds:

8CCC partnered with the Alice Springs Peace Action Think Tank to support the development of the APP and to extend its impact through broadcast on 102.1fm in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek. 

The app contains stories about the initial sense of adventure of going off to war, to injury, shellshock, as well as death, and highlights the grief of loved ones left behind and the struggles of those who served to re-adjust to society after return home.

An important element of the project is the inclusion of stories of Indigenous Service in WWI

It is hoped this project can encourage people to engage in some critical thinking about past wars and to  consider alternatives to war in resolving human conflicts.

On ANZAC Hill signs have been installed to link visitors to the APP to offer an opportunity for reflection.

In The Media:

Remembering War, Working For Peace – By Kieran Finnane for Alice Springs News Online

Remembering WWI Stories on Untyeyetwelye (ANZAC Hill) – By Philippe Perez for CAAMA News

This project was made possible through the support of the Alice Springs Town Council, The Australian Government Armistice Centenary Grants Program and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.


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