Alice Open Mic Mix Tape

Hosted by:

Dina Indrasafitri

Musicians, poets and oddities of the Red Centre have the habit of showcasing their creations during various open mic sessions in Alice Springs.

Here are several examples of their excellent works.

Natali Azodrac



Ian “A Capella” Hackett

As his name suggests, Ian’s main weapon is his powerful voice. At times, Ian sings of bittersweet tales with his band The Drugstore Wives, but his performance remains solid even when accompanied only by foot stomping or the crowd cheering.



Simo King

If he is the Alice Springs’ King of Blues/guitar/drinking/whatever, then he is relentless in his rule and disciplined in his practice.This is evident in his nearly daily presence in town, guitar on his back, when he is not busking for hours, followed afterwards at times, by on-stage performances.



Lenin Douglas and Bart Michaels



Laurie May

Laurie May’s witty and hard-hitting words have taken her across the continent to perform, run workshops and organise a plethora of events and initiatives. She represented Alice SPrings in the 2012 Australian Poetry Slam.



Rupert Topple



Victoria Alondra

Moroccan woman living in Mparntwe as a community worker, activist and part time artist. A student of life, always seeking to grow from the next (mis)adventure. After winning the local heat, Victoria represented Alice Springs in the 2017 Australian Poetry Slam.



Sy Browne

Sy is a prolific multi-instrumentalist, composer and a regular performer in Alice Springs. “Machine Dream” is his work with one of his bands, Growing Swallet.




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