The Alice Birth Project

Hosted by:

Nicole Lee

Welcome to ‘The Alice Birth Project’, a collection of birth stories from the centre of Australia.

Step inside the maternity unit of the Alice Springs Hospital where 850 babies are born each year. Find out from one Indigenous mum what it was like to give birth in Alice Springs the 1950s. Listen to dads give their perspective on the birthing experience and find out why one local mum organised her own water-birth.

This collection of birth stories is a celebration of giving birth in a remote part of the country. We take a look at some of the facilities and services that exist for parents in a remote town and what happens when help is far away.

With local interviews and delightful photos, this is a truly heart-warming look at what it’s like to have babies in a remote part of Australia.

Made by journalist and local mum, Nicole Lee, this collection of stories is a unique take on the birthing experience and a must for anyone looking for honest and relevant information on having kids.

Made with the support of the Alice Springs Town Council, Birth and Beyond, the Community Broadcasting Foundation and 8CCC.

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