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On Demand

23 May 2022, 10pm

23 May 2022, 10pm Eruption • ☣️ Eruption – the home of IRON CLAD metal in the Northern Territory • 👉 Tracks from AUSSIE bands Golgothan Remains | Psycroptic | Sundowner | Hell’s Horizon | Fugue Tomb | Ironhawk & Battlegrave ☠️☠️ • 🤘 Plus INTERNATIONAL highlights with IRONFLAME | Scumslaught | Somnus Throne | Perdition Temple | Lord Vigo | Am Himmel & Kreator 🎧🎧 • ⚡️ And CLASSIC TRACKS from Raven & Trouble • 👊 ☣ METAL MUSIC IS BIGGER THAN LIFE ITSELF!!!

9 May 2022, 11pm

9 May 2022, 11pm Eruption • ☣️ Eruption – the home of IRON CLAD metal in the Northern Territory • 👉 Tracks from AUSSIE bands CARBON BLACK | Werewolves | Circle Of Blood | HYDRANAUT | Iniquitous Monolith | REAPER & Bloodlust ☠️☠️ • 🤘 Plus INTERNATIONAL highlights with Aptera | VIOLENTOR | Sacrifizer | Thūn | Alburnum | Organ Trail & Smith&Swanson 🎧🎧 • ⚡️ And CLASSIC TRACKS from Immortal & MERCYFUL FATE • 👊 ☣ METAL MUSIC IS BIGGER THAN LIFE ITSELF!!!

2 May 2022, 11pm

2 May 2022, 11pm Eruption • ☣️ Eruption – the home of IRON CLAD metal in the Northern Territory • 👉 NEW tracks from AUSSIE bands Dead City Ruins | Mammal | BLKRAT | Ironhawk | Anarazel | Militaria & Astrodeath ☠️☠️ • 🤘 Plus INTERNATIONAL highlights with Besieged | Nechochwen | Famyne | Dïatrïbe | Excruciate 666 | ANIMALIZE & Black Label Society 🎧🎧 • ⚡️ And CLASSIC TRACKS from Cirith Ungol & ALGAION • 👊 ☣ METAL MUSIC IS BIGGER THAN LIFE ITSELF!!!

25 Apr 2022, 11pm

25 Apr 2022, 11pm Eruption • ☣️ Eruption – the home of IRON CLAD metal in the Northern Territory • 👉 NEW tracks from AUSSIE bands THRALL | Mournful Congregation | Bong Coffin | Pervertum Obscurum | Hell Machine | FUXACHE & Fate’s Hand ☠️☠️ • 🤘 Plus INTERNATIONAL highlights with Consecration | Serpentent | Intoxicated | Krilloan | Adamantis | Fer de Lance & Necrom 🎧🎧 • ⚡️ And CLASSIC TRACKS from Hammerhawk & Vista Chino • 👊 ☣ METAL MUSIC IS BIGGER THAN LIFE ITSELF!!!

18 Apr 2022, 11pm

18 Apr 2022, 11pm Eruption • ☣️ Eruption – the home of IRON CLAD metal in the Northern Territory • ☠️☠️ Chatted with Milla from Sydney squadron Black Rheno (pictured), joining me to chat LIVE ON AIR and playing their recently released single 🎧🎧 • The trio will be in the RED CENTRE late July for the fest So get on their previous singles & album ‘Noise Smasher NOW >> • 👉 Also, new releases from AUSSIE bands Scaphis | Avalanche | Beyond Mortal Dreams | Foot | From Crisis To Collapse & Petrol • 🤘 Plus INTERNATIONAL highlights with Nekkromaniac | Burying Place | Kreator | The Book | Steelbourne | NunSlaughter & Clairvoyance • ⚡️ And CLASSIC TRACKS from Dio & Midnight Dice • 👊 ☣ METAL MUSIC IS BIGGER THAN LIFE ITSELF!!!

Eruption Podcast

11 Apr 2022, 11pm

11 Apr 2022, 11pm Eruption 8CCC | Chris ‘Chappo’ Chaplin | Mountain Wizard Death Cult | Interview | 11.04.22 • Sydney band Mountain Wizard Death Cult, who have released a steady stream the band has issued since formation in 2018 •  Over those years Mountain Wizard Death Cult have established themselves as a powerful band on the Sydney live scene •  There is an undeniable chemistry that exists amongst these four lads, all hailing from the western side of Sydney •  Their sound has elements of doom, sludge, death even, but heaps of texture and atmosphere •  Mountain Wizard Death Cult were named to come out for Blacken last year before postponement, and we are fortunate to now learn of confirmation they will be coming as part of the line-up for 2022 •  They will bring a harsh brutality to the Ross River stage, as amply demonstrated by their new single ‘Initiation’ •  And so it was awesome speaking to guitarist Chris ‘Chappo’ Chaplin from the band, joining me on the line from Sydney

23 Nov 2021, 9am

23 Nov 2021, 9am Eruption – Hard Rock & Metal | 8CCC | 22.11.21 | Dave Hellrazor & Tully Void | Interviews • ☣️ Eruption – the home of IRON CLAD metal in the Northern Territory • ☠️☠️ Joined by TWO GUESTS LIVE IN STUDIO … Dave from Hell Machine (double-pronged black/thrash assault) & Tully from Fleshvoid (marrow-freezing black metal)… as they prepare for the massive album launch of the new Hell Machine album ‘RELENTLESS AGGRESSION … PREMIERING TRACKS from the the album and talking about these two scintillations of Centre Red Metal 🎧🎧 • 👉 Tracks from Territorian artist Jeremy Whiskey, and new releases also from AUSSIE bands Shake The Temple, The Dark Horde, Wolfmother & The Furor • 🤘 Plus INTERNATIONAL highlights with Serpent Cobra, MAULE, Sorcerer, Predictor, Haalbauer & Schizophrenia • 👊 And CLASSIC TRACKS from Slaves & Judas Preist

5 Nov 2021, 8pm

5 Nov 2021, 8pm Eruption 8CCC | Tass & Toli | Warrior Within | Interview Sunshine Coast band Warrior Within Warrior Within have been around a long time, since 1992 in fact with brothers Tass and Toli Hadoulis, but have really only solidified these past couple of years with a full line up They’ve released two EPs titled In Light Act II, which was a follow up EP to 2018’s In Darkness Act I And so as they re-release some older tracks from those earlier EPs it was great to speak with Tass & Toli Hadoulis, brothers and guitarist and bassist from Warrior Within, joining me on Eruption

26 Aug 2021, 12pm

26 Aug 2021, 12pm Eruption 8CCC | Riley | Desecrator | Interview | 23.08.21 •    Desecrator sit at the apex of the Aussie thrash metal pile  •    Desecrator have done it all, released awesome material, travelled the world in support of bands like Airbourne, headlined Aussie festivals themselves and been at the forefront of the Aussie metal scene. •    They’ve even been to Alice Springs to play Blacken as part of the metal travels, first arriving here back in 2014. •    Vocalist and guitarist Riley from Desecrator joined me on Eruption on the line from Melbourne before the release of their album ‘Summoning’ out August 27.

29 Jun 2021, 10am

29 Jun 2021, 10am Eruption 8CCC | Cabba Claim The Throne | Interview 28.06.21 Australia’s CLAIM THE THRONE rip apart folk metal with a merciless assault, a band that delivers an extreme take on melodies that fans of pagan and melodeath alike have been raging for They delivered their epic fourth full-length album ON DESOLATE PLAINS with passion and ferocity – An epic slab of heavy folk-influenced melodic death metal Claim The Throne are also one of the 40 bands that will be making their way to Blacken Open Air 2021, their first appearance at the fest Vocalist and guitarist Cabba from Claim The Throne joined me on Eruption on the line from Perth

23 Jun 2021, 10am

23 Jun 2021, 10am Eruption 8CCC | Tim Astrodeath | Interview 21.06.21 Sydney 2 piece ASTRODEATH, who are frothing at the mouth to get on the road with new material, they’ve already played a few East Coast shows so far this year Astrodeath have been around for a few years now, releasing their debut record only back in 2019, it was heavy and good They have a sound that is a brew of stoner/sludge, heavy grunge, classic hard rock, with a touch of punk sprinkled into the hearty broth, but it is one that is way more massive than the sum of the parts Astrodeath are going to bring big booming riffs to the hills of the East Macdonnell Ranges at Ross River for Blacken 2021, and it was great to chat with Tim from the band on the line from Sydney

9 Jun 2021, 9am

9 Jun 2021, 9am Eruption 8CCC | Joel Green – Witchskull | Interview 07.06.2021 •    Australian Doom Metal trio Witchskull who in 2020 released the album A Driftwood Cross, their overall third album, and second with Rise Above Records •    Originally coming together back in 2014 with Tony McMahon on bass, Joel Green on drums, and Marcus De Pasquale on guitar/vocals •    Witchskull has managed to craft a bluesy doom sound, but is inflected with a NWBHM galloping groove, overlayed with a wailing vocal from powerhouse frontman/guitarist Marcus •    This band have a magnificent Aussie heavy metal pedigree with members Marcus, Tony and Joel involved in not only previous bands but also in the famous Metal for the Brain Festival •    We recently learned they will be coming to Central Australia for Blacken 2021, and it gave me great pleasure to chat with Joel Green, drummer from Witchskull joining me on the line from Canberra

1 Jun 2021, 10am

1 Jun 2021, 10am Eruption 8CCC | Hannah from Clowns | Interview 31.05.21 Melbourne band Clowns, a band started as teenagers in 2010 and have developed a fan base through a relentless DIY touring schedule Clowns are simply top notch live experience, a group that throw the kitchen sink into every performance, I caught them at Cherryrock back in 2015 Clowns will be making the trip up to Central Australia for Blacken, an extra special treat for fans who want to round out their experience with some punker tirades Clowns have four full length albums behind them now, the last being from 2019 ‘Nature/Nurture’ released by Fat Wreck Chords They are quite simply, the premium Aussie punk band, and I was joined by Hannah bassist from the band LIVE AN AIR

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