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On Demand

9 Jun 2021, 8am

9 Jun 2021, 8am Eruption • ☣️ Eruption – the home of IRON CLAD metal in the Northern Territory • ☠️☠️ The second installment of Blacken Open Air FEATURE BANDS with Witchskull (pictured), chatting LIVE ON AIR with drummer Joel and playing tracks from their latest album ‘A Driftwood Cross’ 🎧🎧 • 👉 Also, new releases from AUSSIE bands Beleth, Crypt Crawler, Zeolite & Wicked Envy • 🤘 Plus INTERNATIONAL highlights with Midnight Dice, Dee Snider, Hexorcist, Artillery (The Official Page), Oxygen Destroyer, Solicitor & Stress Angel • 👊 And CLASSIC TRACKS from Breathless & Armoured Angel Official

1 Jun 2021, 10am

1 Jun 2021, 10am Eruption • ☣️ Eruption – the home of IRON CLAD metal in the Northern Territory • 👉 Featuring AUSSIE bands 12Gauge Rampage, Wartooth, BURIAL PIT, Hecatomb & Dr. Colossus • 🤘 Plus INTERNATIONAL highlights with Stormruler, Karloff, Vulture – High Speed Metal, Cirith Ungol, Infex, Eternal Champion & Tombstoner • 👊 And CLASSIC TRACKS from Destruction & Entombed • ☠️☠️ Plus the first Blacken FEATURE BAND Clowns (pictured), interview LIVE ON AIR with bassist Hannah from one of the best live bands in this country 🎧🎧

25 May 2021, 9pm

25 May 2021, 9pm Eruption • ☣️ Eruption – the home of IRON CLAD metal in the Northern Territory • 👉 Featuring AUSSIE bands Lucifer’s Fall, Warped (Official), Psycroptic, Descent, Mountain Wizard Death Cult, Seance Of & Terror Parade • 🤘 Plus INTERNATIONAL highlights with Hell Strike, Malgoth, Stöner, Conquerors, Graveland Poland, Craven Idol & Olórin • 👊 And CLASSIC TRACKS from Sodom & Metal Church • ☠️☠️ TWO HOURS of riffs you’d give your life for 🎧🎧

20 May 2021, 11am

20 May 2021, 11am Eruption • ☣️ Eruption – the home of IRON CLAD metal in the Northern Territory • 👉 Featuring AUSSIE bands 100 YEARS WAR, TERRORENTIAL, Avalanche – Band, The Neptune Power Federation, Astrodeath, HIGH as HELL & Kill Shott • 🤘 Plus INTERNATIONAL highlights with Lucifer’s Hammer, Stench Collector, WITCH HUNT – Speed Metal / Colombia, ANATOMIA, Hellionight, Vulture Lord & MOTORJESUS • 👊 And CLASSIC TRACKS from Kreator & Vice • ☠️☠️ Take a break from nightly feeding and get TWO HOURS of blood poisoning riffs 🎧🎧

Eruption Podcast

9 Jun 2021, 9am

9 Jun 2021, 9am Eruption •    Australian Doom Metal trio Witchskull who in 2020 released the album A Driftwood Cross, their overall third album, and second with Rise Above Records •    Originally coming together back in 2014 with Tony McMahon on bass, Joel Green on drums, and Marcus De Pasquale on guitar/vocals •    Witchskull has managed to craft a bluesy doom sound, but is inflected with a NWBHM galloping groove, overlayed with a wailing vocal from powerhouse frontman/guitarist Marcus •    This band have a magnificent Aussie heavy metal pedigree with members Marcus, Tony and Joel involved in not only previous bands but also in the famous Metal for the Brain Festival •    We recently learned they will be coming to Central Australia for Blacken 2021, and it gave me great pleasure to chat with Joel Green, drummer from Witchskull joining me on the line from Canberra

1 Jun 2021, 10am

1 Jun 2021, 10am Eruption Melbourne band Clowns, a band started as teenagers in 2010 and have developed a fan base through a relentless DIY touring schedule Clowns are simply top notch live experience, a group that throw the kitchen sink into every performance, I caught them at Cherryrock back in 2015 Clowns will be making the trip up to Central Australia for Blacken, an extra special treat for fans who want to round out their experience with some punker tirades Clowns have four full length albums behind them now, the last being from 2019 ‘Nature/Nurture’ released by Fat Wreck Chords They are quite simply, the premium Aussie punk band, and I was joined by Hannah bassist from the band LIVE AN AIR

25 Apr 2021, 2pm

25 Apr 2021, 2pm Eruption • ☣️ ***SPECIAL EDITION SHOW*** of Eruption 🤘 • 👉 With the lads from Hidden Intent for a LIVE STUDIO INTERVIEW • 🤘 Chatted about the Dead End Destiny Launch – Alice Springs madhouse show, the new album, tour and what it’s like being a kick arse Aussie thrash band • Plus even more tracks from the new album and from local band Hell Machine

7 Feb 2021, 11am

7 Feb 2021, 11am Eruption Interview with Ben Forte from Alice Springs 2 piece combo Anxiety Nation  🔊 • This duo are a melting pot of punk and metal with influences including ‘Sickness’, ‘Napalm Death’, ‘Mark of Cain’, ‘Cannibal Corpse’ and ‘Blood Duster’🤘 • 👉 Anxiety Nation have now released their first full length album ‘Serial killer’s don’t yawn…’ which was recorded locally in Alice Springs • 👊 Ben & Leon from Anxiety Nation have delivered a one/two punch of vulgar and brutal hardcore punk and heavy riffing that touches on subjects including corruption, loss, depression and despair • ☣️ It is a must have album for all NT heavy music fans – GET YOUR COPY NOW from their facebook page!!!  And streaming at – ☣️

5 Dec 2020, 3pm

5 Dec 2020, 3pm Eruption Idle Ruin Interview

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