From 2012 8CCC will be doing its best to support Presenters who want to PodCast their show.. (follow this link if you want to know more about what PodCasting is.)

If you want to create a PodCast file of your show for listeners to download at a later date, here are the instructions on how to do it.

1. Record an MP3 file. (This is in effect your PodCast.)
– Use an MP3 recorder to make a copy of the radio-stream.
– Use a program such as audacity to “trim” the start and end of the MP3 file.

2. Create an account at SoundCloud. (

– Upload your MP3 file to your SoundCloud account.
– Note: It is your responsibility to manage your soundcloud a/c and ensure the upload meets content guidelines etc.
– Copy the relevant link (see picture below.)

3. Login into the 8CCC Website. (

– Create a post.
– Write a description and add the SoundCloud link or embed code.
– **Very Important** – Make sure category “YOUR SHOW NAME” is selected (see picture below.)

4. Press Publish and you’re done!

– Visit your show’s Bio Page and see if the PodCast/Post is displayed.

If you’ve got any problems, please just contact the station manager… or better still, leave a comment below. This way others can learn too.

Happy PodCasting!

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