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Alice Springs and Tennant Creek are over 500 km apart. They both are regional centres – Alice Springs for Central Australia and Tennant Creek for the Barkly, a combined regional area of 868,560 square Km. As a larger regional centre, Alice Springs provides a number of ‘satellite’ and visiting services into Tennant Creek. As regional centres, both town have large transitional populations of people from remote communities, cattle stations and mines. In addition, both towns have seasonal increases of population due to tourism. In 2018 Alice Springs had 451,000 visitors with 127,000 visiting the Barkly region (Tourism NT). The turnover of population in both towns is higher than in other parts of the country, due to contract work or families leaving when their children get to particular ages – starting school, starting high school, finishing school etc. This means that the nature and diversity of interests within each town change over time.

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