Openings & Opportunities

8CCC regularly has short-contract engagements or staffing opportunities available.

We also have a number of volunteer positions.

Present opportunities are listed below:


Short Contracts / Projects:

  • Armistice Centenary Project: Manager/ Producer 
    Applications Due: September 2nd to commence ASAP


The Armistice Centenary Project is a collaboration between 8CCC and the Alice Springs Peace Action Think Tank.

The “Listen to Their Stories” project will develop a phone app which will play 11 audio vignettes of stories of World War 1 soldiers and other personnel involved in the war. The stories will also be broadcast on 8CCC Community Radio from the 11th November Armistice Centenary.

It is planned that the app will be accessible on the top of Anzac Hill, in Alice Springs, where there will be visible signage at three locations on the way up to the hill, to alert visitors to the app and the stories contained on it. In addition, it is proposed that access to the app will be available throughout the town of Alice Springs, as well.

Increasing access to these stories will provide an opportunity for community members to understand the history of the country and as part of awareness raising to encourage critical thinking and exploration of alternatives to war to resolve human conflicts, in order to work towards just and secure peace across our world.



Cafe / Barista:

  • None currently available. Please check again another time.

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