The 8CCC Board holds its meetings on the 2nd Monday and 2nd Tuesday of every month(i.e. alternating), unless otherwise advised.

Board members, please try and lock these dates in your diaries:

  • MAY – Tuesday 13th – 5:30pm
  • JUNE – Monday 9th – 5:30pm
  • JULY – Tuesday 8th – 5:30pm
  • AUGUST – Monday 11th – 5:30pm
  • SEPTEMBER – Tuesday 9th – 5:30pm
  • OCTOBER – Monday 13th – 5:30pm
  • NOVEMBER – Tuesday 11th – 5:30pm
  • DECEMBER – Monday 8th – 5:30pm

Saturday 29th November – 8CCC Annual General Meeting TBC

Friday 5th December – 8CCC End of Year Party TBC

  • Monday 8th April
  • Monday 13th May
  • Monday 10th June



If you are an ordinary member/presenter who wishes to raise something with the board, please fill out a get a support request form (e.g. for faulty equipment), or get in touch with 8CCC’s Station Manager –


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