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2019 SGM and AGM:

8CCC Invites our membership to attend our 2019 AGM which will be preceded by a Special General Meeting to consider a resolution to adopt a new constitution.
The proposed new constitution will bring 8CCC into alignment with the requirements for registration as a cultural organisation and DGR Charitable Status.
We have also updated the document to utilise gender neutral terminology, to reflect modern financial practices and to adopt board terms for directors.
Nominations to join the 8CCC board are welcomed- they close on Wednesday 20th November.
SGM and AGM documents can be found here:
Please send any enquiries or nominations to [email protected]

2019 SGM and AGM Documents:

8CCC AGM Board Nomination Form 2019

8CCC SGM & 2019 AGM Agenda

8CCC Financial Statements 2019

8CCC 2018 AGM Minutes 8CCC AGM Proxy Forms

2018-2019 Annual Report

Constitution 8CCC Community Radio Inc

8CCC 2019 proposed new constitution

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