About 8CCC

For over 33 years, 8CCC Community Radio Inc has, as a small regional radio station, been making a big contribution to the Central Australian and The Barkly regions’ media landscape. 8CCC has a proud history of unique programming with regular Centralian/Barkly-inspired content. As a predominantly volunteer-run organisation, 8CCC maintains a high level of professionalism on a very small budget. 8CCC works hard to provide training and information services that have value and build skills in the communities in which we operate.


Tennant Creek Studio 2014

After securing a long term broadcast license in 2010, 8CCC’s Board of Management began change-strategies, and implemented the professional systems necessary, for a radio-broadcasting organisation to grow and prosper into the future. Now, in 2014, after four years of significant change, 8CCC’s infrastructure in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek has been completely refurbished or upgraded to meet the demands of the new digital broadcasting era.

8CCC is ready to work with our communities of Tennant Creek and Alice Springs, our funding and  business partners and community stakeholders, our listeners and members, to continue to build our reputation as an iconic regional radio station with great content.

8CCC’s Mission and Objectives

To involve and service the Alice Springs and Tennant Creek communities with services, programming and content that is not readily available in the commercial broadcasting arena.

8CCC’s constitutional objectives are to:

  • Promote and foster a community and multicultural voice through the electronic media
  • Endeavour to enrich people’s lives with a diversity of programs and services that inform, educate and entertain.

8CCC’s Core Business

  • To provide radio programming to the Alice Springs and Tennant Creek communities that is relevant, timely, unbiased and of high local value.
  • To provide access to broadcast studios and radio production resources to the Alice Springs and Tennant Creek communities.
  • To provide professional development and training to volunteers, members, partners and other stakeholders in the production or presentation of radio content.

148-IMG_01868CCC does not aim to compete with other radio stations.  It aims to provide a diverse and community based range of programming. We take pride in delivering quality programming to our audiences.  Encouragement is given to groups not usually heard on radio, and who have little or no previous electronic media experience.  8CCC brings the activities of the station to the attention of all members of the community, with the intention of getting people involved in all aspects of programming, production, technical work and community engagement.  Community participation is encouraged, welcomed and supported in all aspects of station life in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek. 

Governance of 8CCC

8CCC is governed by a volunteer Board of Management which is elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting.  The 8CCC Board determines the direction and focus for the station through the development, implementation and ongoing monitoring of a Strategic Plan (current strategic plan is available at the station – 2014-2019).  the Board also develops, reviews and updates policies and procedures in line with the 8CCC constitution, to guide the management and functioning of the station.

Current Board of Management

Board meetings

8CCC Policies and Procedures

  • Acceptable Use of Resources
  • Board Induction
  • Board Member policy
  • Sponsorship
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Volunteer Management
  • Volunteer Induction and Orientation
  • Reimbursement of Expenses
  • Anti-discrimination and Harassment
  • Presenter Policy (including complaints procedures)
  • Programming Policy

Folders containing the current strategic plan, policies and procedures, and latest annual report are available to view at the Alice Springs and Tennant Creek studios.  For electronic versions please contact the President of 8CCC [email protected]

8CCC’s Current Sources of Funding (2014)

  • Northern Territory Government
  • Community Broadcasting Foundation
  • Community Benefit Fund (NT)
  • Sponsorship income
  • Membership fees
  • Income from merchandise sales and coffee sales
  • Donations

8CCC Website

Our website is used to manage a number of station functions to enable us to work more easily across two sites which are over 500km apart.  On this website you can:

We are gradually adding new functions including purchasing training,  merchandise, and tickets to events and welcome your input on ways we can improve the website and the functions for users.

8CCC Membership

Membership is open to individuals, community groups, bands and performers, businesses and large organisations.

Anyone who wishes to go on air with 8CCC is required to become a member.

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8CCC Sponsorship

Under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992, community broadcasters are not permitted to broadcast ‘advertising’.  Sponsorship is permitted.  Sponsorship content is limited to 5 minutes in any hour and every announcement clearly tagged with words similar to “proudly sponsoring 8CCC 102.1FM”.  Sponsorship content must comply with 8CCC Sponsorship Policy and the CBAA Code of Practice.

More information about sponsorship

8CCC Training

8CCC offers a training for new and established presenters and content and program producers.  This includes:

  • 8CCC101 – an orientation for new station volunteers,
  • 8CCC102 – an introduction to audio production and editing – to produce short radio content such as community announcements, IDs, program promotions etc
  • 8CCC 103 – an introduction to planning and presenting a radio program
  • 8CCC 104 – an introduction to Outside Broadcasting and participating in community events (in development)
  • 8CCC 201 – Creating Great Community Content – producing  quality program segments / short content for general programming or to enhance local programs (in development)
  • Accredited training programs in partnership with Radio Adelaide (a division of the University of Adelaide)
  • Customised courses for groups and organisations
  • Professional Development / Advanced Training for current presenters, eg Voice Workshop run in partnership with CAAMA and Radio Adelaide (August 2012) and Advanced Interview Skills (2013)

Courses and other training opportunities are advertised on the radio, website and Facebook.

More information about 8CCC training

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