The Pill celebrates 4 years on air


On February 4th, 8CCC’s sports show celebrated 4 years on air.

As The Pill team put it, “4 years of mayhem was celebrated by Big Kev, Murphman & Tony who donned little party hats and relived the memories of this now famous 8CCC show. Sir Paul (first presenter, Paul Davis) provided a fascinating overview of the Pill’s evolvement, from the “8 songs in a hour” shows, to Big Barry’s NRL rants, jumpers full of dog hairs & program notes on envelopes! Well Mr. Davis, you are a community radio pioneer. Tony provided the music for this special show and he show rolled on with plenty of the regular listeners getting involved, including Phil who demanded more respect & recognition. It culminating with GCBC & Big Kev’s weekly awards.
His winners were –
Local: Karyn Bailey (netball) 🏀
Aust: Marcus Stoinis (cricket) 🏏
Female: Serena Williams (tennis) 🎾
Int: Roger Federer (tennis) 🎾
Team: Aust. Women’s 7’s (rugby) 🏉
Event: Women’s AFL competition 🏉
Rogue: Anthony Mundine (boxing) 💪
Listener: Phil, with a special mention to Sir Paul 😜”

Tune in every Saturday morning from 8.30am-9.30am for The Pill’s unique take on all things sporty.


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