Winanjjikari Music Centre Celebrates 10 years of making music


WMC crowd sceneIt’s been 10 years since the Winanjjikari Music Centre (WMC) became a full time program of Barkly Regional Arts. WMC has built up the resources and skills to produce major events across the Barkly and also to produce the Winanjjikari Music Show and the short series What’s Up Winanjjikari for 8CCC.

There have been many bands and musicians who have been involved in the Winanjjikari Music Centre over the years and WMC has supported Barkly musicians to travel and perform across the country, has recorded remote bands out bush on a remote recording kit and produced albums in their on site studio.

This night is a celebration of the key bands and people who have made WMC what it is today. The night will also acknowledge some of the key people who are no longer with us.

 Join us on this historical musical night and experience the music from the original members of WMC – broadcasting live on 8CCC – 102.1FM and streaming on


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  1. Erica Taylor on

    Really good to see your work Joy
    Mark was thrilled to find you tonight
    He rang to say you were on and he could,hear you!
    I don’t seem to have much luck but Mark,is coming,tomorrow and he will show me
    Mich love as ever
    God bless

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