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Ordinary Women Extraordinary Lives has brought together two local musicians who had never met before: violinist and sound, colour movement healer Dian Booth, and Rebecca (Bec) Matthews, composer, kora player, singer/songwriter and podiatrist.  Both extraordinary women.

Dian and Bec have collaborated on short soundtracks for the introduction and the conclusion of each audio story, and have also contributed original pieces and selected tracks from previous compositions to enhance the stories of women who were first in their field, and to provide a unique Central Australian sound to the series.

Here is a taster from them:


Dian and Bec at the National Pioneer women’s Hall of Fame, IWD 2015

dian violin

Dian Booth


Bec Matthews









For more information

Dian Booth http://www.soundhealing.com.au and 8ccc’s Centralian Yarn The Sound of Art 

Bec Matthews www.myspace.com/becmatthewskora www.triplejunearthed.com/BecMatthews


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