Pinarra Aku Episode 1


PINARRA-AKU-LOGO-&-INFO_LOW-RESWelcome to Episode 1 of Pinarra Aku; a children’s language radio show to help teach the local Indigenous Warumungu language of Tennant Creek.

Meet Kathy, Aunty Rosemary and Pinangkarl who will tell you stories, sing songs and play games to help you learn the language. Pinangkarl  is a White Cock-a-too who helps you to say the language words. Tennant Creek children are familiar with the White Cock-a-too, as hundreds fill the Tennant Creek sky so it is an appropriate mascot for the show. The word ‘Pinangkarl’ means: clever, bright.  Say hello to Pinangkarl, Aunty Rosemary and Kathy!

Follow along with the Pinarra Aku Education Guide Episode 1 to see the words and interact with the show.

And if you have missed the program you can listen to it here.



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