• Get out those old records
    With Rufl
    ”Get Out Those Old Records” is a weekly radio programme heard on Community Radio 8CCC-FM in the Alice Springs and ...Sunday, 2:00 pm-5:00 pm
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8CCC103 – Planning and presenting a program.

8CCC103 is all about getting you ready to live on the air!

8CCC103 Covers:

  • Learn how to plan a radio program and write for radio.
  • Learn how to use a radio mixing panel in a studio environment.
  • Learn how to follow the legal requirements for radio program producers.
  • Learn how to prepare and load audio files into the 8CCC broadcast system.
  • Held on site at 8CCC – Alice Springs OR Tennant Creek.
  • Consists of two 1.5 hour sessions with an 8CCC accredited trainer.

Cost $200.00

**Please note, 8CCC runs at least (1) 8CCC103 sessions each year for FREE. If you would prefer to wait until the next FREE 8CCC103, sign up to our waiting list here to stay informed.


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