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Playlist: From The States to Alice

Monday 03 October 2016

Played On: The Alice Birth Project

Story told by Kate Sisk.

Vivian was born in the States but Fritz was born here in Alice Springs.

Oddly enough I preferred the birth experience in Australia. I was induced for both kids but I found inducement was easier here. They let me walk around. They strapped me up to things that had batteries so I could walk around the whole time I was in labour with Fritz.

I was bed-bound with Vivian for twelve hours. (In the States) they make you stay in the bed, you’re strapped up, you’ve got the heart monitor on, the blood pressure cap on. You stay in bed until that baby is born.

I had a midwife who stayed with me the whole time, whereas in the states they pop in and out. I feel like they didn’t push epidural as much here.

I guess the hardest part is finding somewhere to put your oldest child when you’re in labour. Otherwise I don’t think I’d want to give birth without my partner.

My mum came out for a month after he was born.

The Alice Birth Project is written and produced by Nicole Lee.

Proudly supported by the Alice Springs Town Council, Birth and Beyond and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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