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Playlist: Call the midwife

Tuesday 04 October 2016

Played On: The Alice Birth Project

Story told by Naomi Pearson.

I’m a local mum and midwife and I have three kids, all born in the Alice Springs hospital.

Being a midwife gives you an insight into what is coming with labour. My knowledge helped me do the best I could but it also lets you know what’s coming.

The challenge, I think, is just being aware that the people who are looking after you are also your colleagues. Just the worry of behaving yourself in front of your colleagues. That was always something in the back of my mind.

Being a midwife you’re very aware of the complications and things that can go wrong. And you can get worried by little things.

Definitely with my later babies I wasn’t as worried though.

My first labour I had a period after my waters broke where the foetal heart rate dropped quite low and it was on the monitor. So I got quite concerned because I knew what that meant, but I also knew what we could do to recover the heart rate. So it was all fine.

A lot of women would have missed that, but it got me concerned.

All three of my births were different.

Emily’s, my first, was induced. I had pre-eclampsia with her so I was induced. It was a very quick labour. After two and a half hours she was born. Charlotte, my second, made me wait for eight days. She was eight days late and, again, very non complicated with a five and a half hour labour. We were in hospital for an hour before she was born. So she was easy, no problems at all.

Ryan was probably my most difficult. He fussed around a bit with the labour. He was a bit posterior, so he stopped and started for two days in labour. Then we were only in hospital for twelve minutes before he was finally born in the water. So he was a water birth. Not planned, but I like to go into the water when I’m labouring, so I got to the hospital, got in the bath. My waters broke and he came out.

The Alice Birth Project is written and produced by Nicole Lee.

Proudly supported by the Alice Springs Town Council, Birth and Beyond and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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