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Playlist: Three generations

Monday 03 October 2016

Played On: The Alice Birth Project

Stories told by Jean Mack, Dawn Ross and Lynette Ross.

“When my children went to school I went to work in the laundry at the Alice Springs Hospital. I worked there for a long time. I did ironing and pressing with a machine. Them other girls didn’t like it. I did. I had to do all the doctor’s clothes.”

“If you put down that you were Aboriginal they would put you together with all the other Aboriginal people, so all the Aboriginal people were in the ward together. If you were Aboriginal and you didn’t put that down they just put you with everybody else.”

“It was like a big family where we lived, down The Gap. When there were functions or sports days on everybody would walk to the oval or to the swimming pool or the basketball or football together. And it was really safe. All the families knew each other and all the families looked out for each other. It was good growing up families in those days.”

“Never had any playgroups and that in our days. They might have, but I was never part of any playgroups. I think mum was the leader of the playgroup because everybody used to be there with her.”

“I think it’s massively different to when Nan was having her kids. We’re pretty lucky, you have your baby, you get looked after and it’s all free. I reckon it’s amazing. We’re very lucky but I think in Nan’s day, even Mum’s day, it was very different.”

“For me having family here is the most natural thing. I’m sure I’d cope if I lived away but it would be different. For me that’s the best thing and its natural. Its just the normal thing. Except when you go to a party and all your baby sitters are there. Angus knows everybody. He’s got his great-grandmother, he’s got is cousins.”

The Alice Birth Project is written and produced by Nicole Lee.

Proudly supported by the Alice Springs Town Council, Birth and Beyond and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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