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8CCC gets a LOT of requests every week for us to review CD, song, book, arts performances etc.

If you are seeking to spread the word about your art, your craft or something you think is cool, why not use this easy submission form here and someone from the 8CCC Team will then post a review.

Here are some of 8CCC’s recent reviews…

0 Alice Birth Project Awarded Best New Talks Program

‘The Alice Birth Project’ has been awarded ‘Best New Program- talks’ by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia at their National conference and awards ceremony. Congratulations to Nicole Lee, series producer who says: “To all the mums, dads and grandparents out there who made this project possible- I’d like to thank you all… This project

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The 8CCC AGM will be at 11am on Saturday 16th December 2017 at the 8CCC studio at Lindsay Avenue, Alice Springs. A video link to Barkly Regional Arts in Tennant Creek will be available for Tennant Creek attendees. All current financial members are welcome to participate in voting and nominate for the Board- To renew

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0 8CCC Cafe- Seeking New Operator

8CCC is seeking a partnership with a cafe operator to make good use of our updated kitchen and fresh new microcafe storefront. Our refurbishment is complete and presenters are now back broadcasting from our East Side Studio. Rooster Concept Construction have done an amazing job and we are now ready to move forward with a

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Arts + Music + Entertainment
0 TRANSMISSION: 8CCC Fundraiser and Showcase

Transmission… Saturday, October 21st- Get Live at Monte’s Lounge Tune in, volunteer, get involved. It’s Community that makes the station humm. And we need your help! So what better way than a gig packed full of local heroes. With Alice Springs Original live content early followed by music to keep you dancing until the early

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8CCC Radio Shows
0 Tonight’s Shuffling: Basic Primer

Ever wanted the beginner’s notes to everything?  Tonight’s Shuffling dances with the notion that not everything is as simple as it seems.  Sometimes getting the few core concepts is necessary.  Why do you yabber on in this foreign techno mumbo jumbo when I simply don’t understand?  Interact on facebook  to ask what you need a basic

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Arts + Music + Entertainment
0 RAYELLA debut album

Remote Northern Territory band RAYELLA set to bring their music to the world with highly anticipated debut album. Hidden away in one of the most remote locations in Australia in the Marlinja Community, NT, Rayella finally bring their debut album to an awaiting worldwide audience. Their lyrics deliver a journey into the heartbeat of Australia’s

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