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Openings & Opportunities

8CCC regularly has short-contract engagements or staffing opportunities available.

Present opportunities are listed below:

Station Management & Coordination:

    15 hrs per week OR 0.4 FTE (Hours and times to be negotiated)
    Reports to the 8CCC Board.

– Managing day-to-day operations of 8CCC and being a point of contact for presenters, volunteers and community enquiries.
– Working with the 8CCC Board to coordinate the 8CCC broadcast schedule.
– Managing sponsorship and memberships.
– Building partnerships and developing projects with organisations.
– Regularly contributing content to 8CCC’s website and social media presence.
– Ensuring that the station is following broadcasting regulations and 8CCC guidelines.
– A commitment to the aims and objectives of 8CCC.

  • Download the position description and selection criteria here.
  • Click this link to apply online.
  • Call 0402029968 if you have any questions.

Short Contracts / Projects:

  • None currently available. Please check again another time.

Cafe / Barista:

  • None currently available. Please check again another time.

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