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8CCC’s new board connecting across the K’s


Mike Wolke, Nikki McCoy, Diana Rankine, Cerise King and Alan Murn (on screen), Nicole Pitt on behalf of Jorge Basave, Jen-Standish White, Anthony Tilla McIlwaine and Peter Devine.

At 8CCC’s AGM conducted by video link between our studios in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek, our new board for 2016-2017 was elected.  Mike Wolke stepped down after two years as President, and we are delighted to welcome a mixture of new and experienced board members for this coming year.

The new Board is made up of:

President – Jorge Basave (based in Alice Springs)

Vice President – Alan Murn (based in Tennant Creek)

Treasurer: Nikki McCoy (based in Alice Springs)

Secretary: Jen Standish-White (based in Alice Springs)

Public Officer: Diana Rankine (based in Alice Springs)

General Members:

Cerise King (based in Tennant Creek)
Peter Devine (based in Alice Springs)
Anthony Tilla McIlwaine (based in Alice Springs)

Alternate General Member: Mike Wolke (based in Alice Springs)



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