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Margaret Kemarre Turner


Arrernte elder Margaret Kemarre Turner –  painter, writer, translator and educator, mother and grand-mother and holder of many traditional stories and knowledge.

MK has spent many years working closely with family members and with the staff of the Alice Springs Desert Park  playing a fundamental role in its development, its employment, and its educational programs.

MK’s book Iwenhe Tyerrtye – what it means to be an Aboriginal person was published in 2011, in which she aims to lay the foundations for interaction and deep dialogue so that “two cultures can hold each other” , to understand each other much better.

Research, scripting, recording and editing: Jodie Clarkson, Dianna Newham and Joy Taylor.
Music: Dian Booth and Rebecca Matthews

We acknowledge the support of the Northern Territory Government, Community Broadcasting Foundation and Women in Adult and Vocational Education.



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