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Jocelyn Davies


Dr Jocelyn Davies, geographer, research scientist, community and environmental activist.

Jocelyn has played a key role in the development of contemporary land management practices in Australia working with Aboriginal people, governments and research organisations. This has included the design and development of  Indigenous Land Use Agreements, and the first models for joint management of national and conservation parks by traditional owners and the Government.This episode involved the following people: Research, scripting, recording and editing: Dianna Newham and Joy Taylor.

Music: Dian Booth and Rebecca Matthews

More information about Jocelyn’s work can be found here

We acknowledge the support of the Northern Territory Government, Community Broadcasting Foundation and Women in Adult and Vocational Education.


Some of Dr Jocelyn Davies’ work

jocelyn at the regatta

Jocelyn participating in the Alice Springs Clay Pan regatta.


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