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Free – Spotted-turtle dove trap making workshop – This Saturday in Alice Springs


Free workshop this Saturday afternoon – June 20th, 2015. 1pm-2pm @ Olive Pink Botanic Garden, Alice Springs.
Isn’t it a delight to listen to native birds flittering about in your garden and neighbourhood? Would you like to hear and see more native birds in your area?

Feral Spotted-turtle doves prefer to roost in introduced tree species such as the pepper tree and white cedar. They are aggressive towards other birds, dominate habitat and scarce food supplies.

Would you like to eradicate (invasive) spotted-turtle doves from your property?

Meet Jen and Tim this Saturday at 1pm (for a 1hr workshop) at the shelter at Olive Pink Botanic Garden to easily construct a trap. No experience necessary. Equipment and information provided. Choose from various designs.
Captured doves can be easily dropped off at any time (live) at [Alice Springs Desert Park’s holding cage where they are then humanely euthanized.]

Surprise treats to try. All welcome.
For more information contact 08 89555222 or lfw@lowecol.com.au or check out our website: http://wildlife.lowecol.com.au/workshop/test-workshop/


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  1. Hi,
    I am from Brisbane and would like to trap some spotted turtle doves, could you please tell me what bait do you use?
    Regards Steve

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