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ALEC new offices Official Opening & World Environment Day!


Well we did it! We moved 35 years of ALEC into our new community centre building at 90 Gap Road.

It was a bit of an epic task, and we couldn’t have done it without all of our volunteers – a big heartfelt thanks to those who came and lent a hand, and bought trailers, cars and trucks!

MEDIA RELEASE: ALEC digging in, setting up community centre in the Gap
The Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) has relocated from it premises in Eastside to its new home at 90 Gap Rd, The Gap.

The Arid Lands Environment Centre is Central Australia’s-own environmental organisation. Founded in 1980, ALEC has been a leading voice for the protection of the environment and sustainable development in Central Australia.

After 5 years of working in Eastside and successfully delivering desertSMART COOLmob and Alice Water Smart through to completion; while establishing the Alice Springs Community Garden, Arid Edge Environmental Services and Biodiversity Matters; and growing the desertSMART EcoFair to be a calendar event; all while standing up against uranium mining, nuclear waste dumps and the gas fracking industry – it’s time for ALEC to really dig in .

The relocation is a response to the savage cuts to the environment sector in the 2014-15 Federal and Territory Government budgets which left the organisation with no operational funding and limited project opportunities. Thankfully, a local philanthropist purchased the property so that ALEC could establish a community centre and pay less than market rent.

‘We’re very lucky to have a generous member of the public support the organisation in this way’ said ALEC Director Jimmy Cocking.

‘Given the uncertain funding environment, while also enduring the most anti-environment government, this relocation gives ALEC the breathing space we need to keep on standing up for nature and the people living in arid Australia’

‘Moving to the Gap will provide some new opportunities for engaging a wider audience on environmental and sustainability issues. We are setting up the property up to showcase sustainable living in central Australia. The community centre will be open to the general public for workshops, community meetings, volunteering opportunities and getting involved in building community resilience’ added Cocking.

The new community environment centre will be officially opened on World Environment Day, June 5 from 5-8pm with a gourmet barbecue and environmental short films. Entry and dinner $10 adults, $5 children. Invitation attached.


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